BBH participants meet Sjoerd Vellinga, inventor of the anaerobe BIOPAQ©IC reactor


Last week Sjoerd Vellinga visited the Biobizzhub in Balk to talk to the various participants (Fertipaq, SusPhos and Waterknight).

Sjoerd Vellinga has in the past been intensively involved at PAQUES in the initial phase of the industrial application of the BIOPAQ®UASB reactor. Later he was the inventor of the BIOPAQ®IC

velllinga bbh
Meeting the inventor
Sjoerd's strength lies in converting biological ideas of scientists / researchers etc. into concrete, working installations. These are very complex processes, in which he makes use of his enormous knowledge of mechanics, electronics, hydraulics,…and horse sense. He has a great insight into the operation of processes and knows how to translate them into practice.

Scaling up to the market and gaining practical experience is of particular interest to the BBH participants.

In 2019 Sjoerd Vellinga received the Paques Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding performances during his Paques career

lifetime achievement