BioBizzhub succesful 4th theme session on project management


The fourth theme session of the BioBizzhub was organized on October 2nd, 2020. The session focused on project management. As you can see on the picture the session was again online due to the corona crisis. The guest speaker of this session was mr. Johannes Stoer, former senior project manager at Paques. In the general session Johannes introduced the different aspects of project management and gave examples and tips on each of these topics. We had to remind him of the time several times as it was clear his rich experience gave him the opportunity to answer each question with a relevant example and solution.

bbh 4th theme

After the general introduction Johannes had 1:1 meetings with the scale-ups in the BioBizz hub and an extra start-ups that joined from the BE-start program! This gave them the opportunity to discuss personal challenges and questions on their projects. 

The added value of this session was extremely high and we will continue to organize these kind of sessions. 

One of the unique aspects of the BioBizz hub is the services we offer the participants. It is impossible for start-ups and scale-ups to have all the relevant knowledge and experience in-house. Participants at the BioBizz hub get access to crucial knowledge in fields like engineering and sales. All with the aim to help the startups to scale up their technology and bring it to the market.

There are several important knowledge fields of which we, at the BioBizz hub, are not the experts. That is why we have set up an extensive network of partners. One way to link our participants with these partners is via theme sessions. Sessions that focus on important issues for the startups.