Fertipaq: fourth participant in BioBizz hub


Fertipaq is now officially the fourth participant in the BioBizz hub! On March 24, Elise van der Linde and Joost Paques signed the contract. Fertipaq is a start-up that sales bio-sulfur as a fertilizer for oilseed rape, corn, wheat, potatoes, onions cabbage, fruit, etc. 

Sulfur as a nutrient is becoming increasingly important. As food production grows worldwide, the incidental input of sulfur is declining. With a sustainable fertilizer, Fertipaq wants to change this. The fertilizer Fertipaq uses is a suspended sulfur-liquid, which is biologically extracted from wastewater with the help of bacteria. 

As a spin-off from Paques, with a biobased and circulair product and the need to scale-up and bring their product (more) to market, Fertipaq has a perfect match with the BioBizz hub. Fertipaq already has current sales in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England and China.

FertiPaq ondertekening