Realization BioBizz hub still on schedule


The constructions works for the BioBizz hub are in its final stage. The delivery date is still according to the original planning: Friday 26 June 2020. 

The works started in August 2019 and over the last 7 months a lot of progress has been made: remediation of asbestos, new roofs and facades, new concrete floors including underfloor heating, several carpentary works and installation of the electrical installation and climate control system.

The construction team will not get bored in the next 13 weeks. The most eye-catching activities that are planned for the next weeks are: placing the glass facade at the entrance, placing the ceilings, installation of the 8 office-hubs in the flex hall, laying the cast floors, installing the laboratory furniture and ventilated working cabinets in the experimental hall, and painting of the exterior facades of all the buildings.

Behind the scenes the team will also finalize the electrical installation and the climate control system. Furthermore several finishing works will be carried out like e.g. painting, laying floors and finalizing the canteen and the meeting room.

We are more than happy to welcome you at the BioBizz hub as of the 26th of June! The following pictures will give you a sneak preview.