Only a small percentages of all the scale-ups in the world becomes successful. An important cause is that scale-ups simply lack knowledge to actually turn the (lab-scale) invention into successful business. To tackle this challenge, Paques took the initiative to support these organisations in scaling up there technology and bring it to the market. Currently Paques started to renovate a part of their premises in Balk to accomodate 8 to 12 startups in the field of water and biobased technologies.

Although the renovation will be completed around the summer of 2020, we can already support a limited number of startups within our current premises. It is great that we can develop the BioBizz hub together with the startups. Already 2 startups joined the BioBizz hub:

Participants about the BioBizz hub

“Because we currently do not employ any engineers ourselves, the expertise available in the BioBizz hub is extremely valuable to us. We have received support with the process design and have gained access to interesting connections in the network of the BioBizz hub.”
(Marissa de Boer, CEO SusPhos)
“We already tackled the challenge of scaling up our technology. What we were looking for was good traction and leads in the market. The BioBizz hub really made the difference. They supported us with market knowledge, leads, legal and fiscal support. Furthermore it was great that we could also use of the available analytical and test facilities.”
(Rahul Dahule, director Water Knight)

“Participation in the BioBizz hub gave us the possibility to build a demo-installation, making use of available mechanical and logistical knowledge. Furthermore the available infrastructure gave us the possibility to execute experiments on a laboratory and pilot scale. In addition we exchanged technical ideas with the experts of Paques and we expect that this will lead to new products for both Paques and EColoRO.”
(Eric van Sonsbeek, CEO EColoRO)

Are you the next?

We invite startups that need support in the scale-up of their technology and/ or need help in finding their (first) customers to contact us. We love to explore the possibilities.