About us

Are you an ambitious scale-up or SME in water- or biobased technology? Are you looking for worldclass facilities, knowledge and expertise to scale-up your innovative product more quickly? Do you need assistance in finding your (first) international clients? Are you open to join an inspring open innovation environment? Then the BioBizz hub is ideal for you!

BioBizz hub: from concept to business

Paques has a worldwide reputation when it comes to structured and successful scaling up of innovative biotechnology from university to industry. Like no other, Paques is capable of making commercially interesting innovations out of (lab-scale) inventions.

At the same time, more and more scale-ups with interesting technologies are emerging, struggling to bring these technologies from lab scale to a commercial success. Within the BioBizz hub Paques creates an environment for scale-ups/ small business to test and validate their innovations, in order to scale up and bring new technology to the market.

Beside an office space in an inspiring hub combined with lab and test facilities and a location for the realization of the first demo/ products of the start-ups, the BioBizz hub offers a wide variety of services among others  in the field of engineering, sales and business support.

Summing up, the BioBizz hub offers you:

  • Over 50 years of experience in scaling up technology, from lab to industry;
  • A state-of-the-art laboratory;
  • A large testing facility for prototypes and pilots;
  • Well-equiped offices;
  • Innovative ecosystem with other start-ups;
  • Support in engineering, salex, business and finance;
  • Access to Paques' go-to-the-market experience;
  • Access to Paques’ extensive network of companies and knowledge institutes.