Business competences

Your technology is ready to go to the market. Big question is if you and your team are ready too. After years of working on technology developomentm, your team is facing new questions. Questions related to production, business and organisational development. In short, you have to add non-technical competencies to your team. The most easy way to do this is just adding new members to your team. However, resources are limiterd so most probably you have to deal with these challenges yourself. 

Not only do we have years of experience on these issues within the BioBizz hub, we also set-up strategic partnerships to make sure you have easy access to training and coaching. Being part of the BioBizz hub means that the pre-selection for the BeStart accelerator and the EMS-program is more easy.


BeStart - accelerator

BeStart offers your company a well-balanced program that consists of:

  • Individual coaching
  • Hands-on knowledge programme
  • Extensive network

100% of the current participants within the BioBizz hub participated in the BeStart accelerator program.


Entrepreneur Mentoring Service (EMS)

Entrepreneur Mentoring Service is a (still growing) community of entrepreneurs and executives who, according to the MIT Venture Mentoring Service model, form the foundation of the program.

The core of the EMS program is group mentoring. Entrepreneurs who are admitted to the program are assigned a group of 2 - 4 mentors that best suit the needs of the entrepreneur. The mentors support the entrepreneur in successfully scaling up the company. The mentors jointly analyze complex entrepreneurial problems and bring solutions to these strategic issues.