Recell greens entire business chains. We use our knowledge and expertise to recover, reprocess and develop applications for cellulose as a competitive and highly sustainable raw material. Our customers include governments, chemical companies, contractors, waste and recycling companies and industry. Recell is part of the Recell Group, a group of innovative and successful companies building a cellulose-based economy.

New generation cellulose
We recover unused cellulose from complex waste streams and give this recovered cellulose unique properties. This new generation of cellulose is called Recell. Recell supplies the smallest possible CO2 footprint and tradable CO2 certificates. Recell strengthens the competitive position of our current and future customers. A win-win situation, not least for the environment. We feel very involved in greening the economy and therefore share our knowledge and passion for cellulose and its applications. We offer solutions for the infrastructural sector and the built environment, and pave the way towards a sustainable chemical industry.

Recell Chem
With Recell Chem we are developing - together with our partners - the ultimate alternative to fossil oil and gas. Recell Chem is feedstock for products that are produced with natural fermentation processes. For instance acetic acid, glucose and bioethanol - with applications in products such as sustainable paint, soaps and bioplastics. Recell Chem stands for working together to achieve a cleaner and greener economy.

Collaboration Biobizz Hub and Paques
In collaboration with the Biobizz Hub and Paques, we develop the most sustainable chemicals imaginable. Recell is considered third generation (3G) biobased chemicals. That means we don’t use food crops for our processes. Sustainable and competitive: a strong and unique combination. Recell® is a quality product that finds its way to various markets. Would you like more information? Please contact us via the form on this page, or via