I am a startup and need to...

...scale-up our technology

Together with your team and/ or partners you invested a lot of energy in the development of a ground-breaking new technology. It is time to go into the next phase in the development of your company. Your team is facing the next challenge: translating a pilot/ demo unit into a full-scale installation in combination with cost effective production. 

TheBioBizz hub is the place to scale-up your technology. Within the hub we have decades of experience in successfully tackle this challenge.

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...find our (first) customers

In recent years you had regular conversations with organisations that where interested in your new technology. Now you brought your technology to the stage where it is (almost) market proof. You find out that there is a huge gap between customers ‘being interested’ and ‘actual buying your product’. Your team is facing the next challenge: actually finding your (first) customers and negotiating towards a deal that suits both you and your customer. 

TheBioBizz hub is the place to get access to your (first) customers. Within the hub we have a worldwide network of launching customers in combination with all the experience you need in negotiating with customers towards a 1+1 = 3 deal.

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...get access to the best facilities

Now that your company is entering a new phase, you need access to the best facilities you can imagine. At the same time, production and lab facilities are (too) expensive, especially because in the scale-up phase of your company,  you will not use them full-time. Again you are facing a challenge: how to get access to the best facilities? 

The BioBizz hub offers state-of-the-art facilities, such as a laboratory and testing facilities, offices and a workshop to manufacture products. 

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...add competencies to our team

Your technology is ready to go to the market. The big question is if you and your team are ready to. After years of working on technology development, your team is facing new questions. Questions related to production, business and organisational development, legal issues, etc. In short, you have to add competencies to your team.  

Not only do we have years of experience on these issues within the BioBizzHub, we also have strategic partnerships to make sure you get access to training and coaching. For this we work together with a wide variety of partners in the region. Being part of the BioBizzHubmeans you get easy access to these partners.

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...get access to funding

To actually build your business, you have to invest. Most start-up companies do not have the financial resources to make this investment themselves. Consequence: the growth of the company is limited. Your team is facing the next challenge: where to find the investor that is reliable and will bring added value to your company.

The BioBizz hub is the place where you get access to a network of investors that will support you in your quest to become a market leader. 

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