...find your (first) customers

You brought your technology to the stage where it is (almost) market proof. Of course you had regulary conversations with potential customers the last years. You are also aware of the fact that there is a huge gap between ‘being interested’ and ‘actual buying your product’. Your team of technically driven colleagues is facing the next challenge: actually finding your (first) customers and working towards a deal that suits both you and your customer.  

Within the BioBizzHub we have decades of experience in tackling this challenge. A crucial element is actually connecting with the right customer with a sales pitch that will convince them that their problem is solved with your product.

Coaching and market introduction

Within the BioBizz hub team we have connections with several colleagues that are experienced in actual bringing innovations towards the market. They are eager to coach you in how to set-up the perfect offer. 

When you are ready, our team is willing to connect you with your (potential) first customer making use of the offices we have in Europe, China, India, Brazil, United States and Malaysia. After this introduction you are well prepared to actually sell your product. In the background our sales colleagues are still available to coach you.